Akai launches Android-based Smart setup box

imagesakaismartbox_041720348736_640x360Japanese consumer electronics brand, Akai has announced the launch of the Akai Smart Box. According to an official statement by the company, the product transforms any television — CRT, Plasma, LCD or LED — into a smart TV. Akai Smart Box, based on the Android platform, maintains an open network without getting restricted to the servers of smart TV brands, as in the case of most smart TVs. The device will be available across India at an introductory festive offer price of Rs 6,590. The MRP is Rs 6,990.

The Akai Smart Box comes with a wireless mouse for navigation with which any TV can perform all the functions that a tablet PC normally does. It is equipped with 4GB internal memory, and supports memory up to 32GB through an SD Card slot. It allows users to connect to the Internet and browse websites, read books and newspapers, check e-mails, look up weather updates and market updates, play games, book travel tickets, play music, play videos on YouTube, use Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Customers can also shop from the TV by visiting shopping portals.

Pranay Dhabhai, Managing Director, Akai India said, “Product life span in today’s digital age is short; buy anything and by the time you’ve stepped out of the shop it’s already outdated. Our Smart Box is set to change the way television is seen in India. Customers can upgrade their existing TV to a Smart TV which gives Full HD viewing experience without changing their existing TV. Even consumers who are planning to purchase Smart TVs can choose to buy a normal LED TV and connect with our Smart Box to get the benefits of smart TV at a fraction of the price.”

With the Android operating system, the Akai Smart Box converts a normal TV into a PC. It also creates a hotspot when connected to a LAN cable or a 3G dongle, as it transmits Wi-Fi signal to operate other gadgets. It also supports 2G network. Customers can even print documents from the Wi-Fi enabled printer. By using the HDMI cable one can get Full HD picture quality. It has 4 USB ports. So, besides a mouse, keyboard and webcam, one can connect a hard disk drive or a USB flash drive, and view their contents on the TV. The Smart Box supports all popular formats of movies, music and photos. It can also save photos and videos recorded through the webcam.

The Akai Smart Box also supports the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) function, which allows users to seamlessly access and share digital content from their mobile phones onto the TV screen, when connected with a common Wi-Fi device.


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